Monday, July 8, 2013

See you later, Tonka

RIP 1996-2013
Pretty boy.

I only had Tonka for the last 2 1/2 years of his life and he was pretty slowed down by the time he came here.
Most of my pictures of him at first looked like the one above, he was always moving and frequently barking and spinning.

His last year he slowed down a lot, and even stopped barking.  He could never quite get the hang of sleeping in the dog bed properly.
 He seemed to like brother Rocky very much and sometimes he'd approach him, wagging his tail and licking Rocky.  After Rocky passed away a year ago, Tonka really began his decline.
 I loved Tonka's ears!  They had long feathery strands that blew in the breeze.  He had the softest shiniest fur right up until the end.

 Tonka, you were a live wire!  I miss you, little buddy.
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