Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Old Friends

It is hard to watch my old dogs declining.  It feels like I have had old dogs forever.  Thanks to Windy, that isn't true, she is only 3 years old now.  But having lost Rocky, 


then Tonka, 


and probably soon will be losing 14 year old Sadie,

 it feels as though I keep losing my pets.  I do consider myself lucky to have these dogs live to what is such a ripe old age for dogs.  Rocky was 14, Tonka was 17 and as I said, Sadie is 14.  While I am lucky, it sure is hard to watch them in their slow decline.  Each one in their time got slower and slower and our walks got shorter and shorter until they could only walk to the driveway and back.  Sadie has reached that point now.  She still seems cheerful and happy and good natured as always.  But she is out of breath and coughing after the shortest movements.  When she first arrived here 3 1/2 years ago when I rescued her, she looked very gray and old but she actually had plenty of energy and could go on long slow walks, loved chasing a ball and would drop it at my feet on command.  Now she drags herself out to the driveway with me, breathing hard but she still likes me to toss the ball for her.  Now I merely toss it right into her mouth after teasing her with it a little.  She happily grabs it and chews on it for awhile.  I will be blessed if she goes as easily as Rocky did, who gasped out his last breaths with me by his side, petting him as he lay in the grassy yard.  I do love my old dogs, as well as my young dog.  They are so calm and content, they know the ropes and don't need much discipline.  I look forward to my next dog at the same time.  Maybe I will adopt a young one as well as another old one.  We shall see.  I have my cat to consider too, he doesn't take to new dogs very well although he always adjusts.  I just have to make sure I get a dog who is calm enough to be good with cats.
Windy and Charlie

There are lots of dogs out there that need homes, I'm sure I'll be able to find a good one.  Till then, I will keep loving the ones I have and be grateful for their love in return.

Be well.